Monday, December 15, 2008

after the Vreak

after 7 days break, i return to my chair in Jamia. These 7 days were filled with many bad moments.
I remember doing nothing constructive or productive. I spent the days watching Movies, so many movies. some of them are four musketeers, hidalgo, the quick and the dead, Saw-1,2,3,4 , Oye lucky, Dasvidaniya.
And during these day, i received Ibopishak's book of poems which was sent by my band-mate Sachindananda Angom through Billie's Sister.
I find every single poems of Ibopishak is deadly awesome. my favourite line:
"Eigi punshi gi esei mallaba eigi kangkhal manungi segairaba kanda-gi lang-la singda palhoure" is from the poem "Eigi punshigee Esei"
The poem belongs to his poetry book "Apaiba Leichil (Flying Cloud)" which was published in 1969.

I played guitar lots, i think i have almost composed the whole song sequence of my rock opera during these day. But there are things that i want to forget soon.

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